We at Katz Imaging Custom Cakes are proud to be the 1st and only Cake shop in Mississauga so far  to offer the " ALL NEW " Square Cupcake ......yes I said Square !!!! They are incredible and unique and of course you get more cupcake goodness !!! 
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Traci Lemos
05/30/2011 13:56

would love to see what they look like!

Kathy Kanhai
05/30/2011 14:59

it will post it soon Traci !!!

07/21/2014 02:46

You consistently give good advice I can use.Square cakes are incredible and unique & get more cupcake goodness.Now you can buy and send cake online with the assistance of cake delivery in Gurgaon. It is the most accepted method to send cakes as a gift for various occasions.


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