HAD THE BEST DAY  TODAY IN A LONG TIME .....I will let you know soon ...and not it is not that

I want to thank everyone that has viewed my website and made great comments about it .  I also want to take this time to thank my repeat customer for your wonderful cake idea and business , without you I could have not made it this far . XOXOXOXOXO .  To my new customers I want to welcome you to Katz Imaging Custom Cakes and I hope you enjoy your one of a kind cakes. And of course become one of my many wonderful repeat customers. XOXOXO !!!! Well everyone 
I hope you have a great day at work or where ever you are and doing .  Always remember that life is sweet and I can help you make it sweeter with a special treat from Katz Imaging Custom Cakes .


Opps I forgot to write a blog yesturday. I was too busy doing nothing and relaxing with my family ...what a great FAMILY DAY .  Well day is another day of working on the website.  Enjoy your day 
SUCCESS !!!!!!!!! SHE LOVED IT AND FREAKED OUT she loved her room ......I cried of course ....my daughter hugged my husband and I and said wow what an amazing job guys ........I am so proud of you mom and dad .  What a sweet heart ...I love her .  Can I remind you she is only 2 1/2 .....crazy
............NO CAKES today :( but I got a chance with my husband to paint my daughter's bedroom and she is in love with the colour BLUE ...that is right BLUE but she picked her colour and I love it .   She is at the grandparents house tonight you know what that means ....... SLEEPING IN ..... I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

Good Afternoon what a wonderful day and it feels like spring is in the air .  Still working on my website trying to get everything perfect .   I think it is about time to start working on some new projects .

Hi everyone I am so excited that I am finally creating this website my goal is to bring new idea of my cake design as well as any new projects, recipes and my "up and downs" so that we can learn from each other.  Please comment as much as you like .


Kathy Kanhai
Katz Imaging Custom Cakes