My Husband surprised me yesterday by taking me to Kitchener and signing me up for Icing Inspirations 2011 Cake Competition held July 10 !!!! I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  This is my first competition I wonder how I will do ....a lot of planning over the next few months to create two cakes for the show ....wish me luck.     Please take a look at the picture below to see these amazing cakes hanging from the ceiling ...this is at Icing Inspirations .
I just got wonderful news today.  I thought it would make me sad but it lifted a load of my shoulders and I could not be more happier for I know that I am your competition, that is a compliment. This will make me push harder and drive to be the best.  I will see you again in the future (maybe at wedding shows) and have no hard feelings . The only differences between us is that I have GOD on my side and in my heart to always guide me and of course our own fantastic RECIPES. All the best of luck to you, your family, and business.


Kathy Kanhai
I had the opportunity to donate cupcakes to a great day care centre " Learn us you grow "  they are doing great things at this centre and the Teachers are amazing  .  Thank you Michele and Naadiya for allowing me to create your easter cupcakes for everyone to enjoy it is so worth it when I see the smiles on their faces !!!! Please take a look at their website for more information and to join in the fun ! or visit them on face book Learn As You Grow
I was glad when Gabbi from Harry Rosen approached me to make a retirement cake for one of there employees the first time .  When I got the second call WOW I was extremely touched ANOTHER RETIREMENT CAKE .  YIPPY  I was so excited to create a one of a kind cake for Blake after many years employment it was time for him to hang up the suit and relax on the couch .   Thank you Harry Rosen for you business.
I know that it has been a while I have been doing a lot for family, friends and the community .    A recap of March 27 .  It was Churchill Meadows Christian Church opening day .  And what a day that was .  We had great success we donated over 1000 cupcakes and 6 cakes and every last piece was gone .  We had people asking us if we had a bakery that they could come everyday and then we were asked if we would be supplying cupcakes every week.   All I can say is WOW what a great feeling to have people love our new cupcakes and cakes .  Thank you once again to everyone that helped and donated to this great cause !! God Bless