" Find a Cure for Endometriosis "

Please help this great cause . I will be raising money from my cupcake sales for the month of August and September .

They still do not know how this disease starts or the cause or why !! All they know what it does to a women's body each month. With every monthly cycle that passes the pain and disease worsens.

This disease is very painful and crippling . Causing infertility and depression and many more side effects.

Pain Killers, Endometriosis diet , numerous extensive operation or giving birth does not always fix and cure Endometriosis . In fact 1 out of 1000 Women will have Endometriosis return by her next cycle . Which leads to a life time of baring this horrible disease .

Please help in finding a cure fast so that these women may have a chance to have a healthy pain-free body again and become mothers.

I will continue to fight this battle personally !!! HOW ABOUT YOU ? !!! Please join me in finding a Cure for Endometriosis !!!

Regular $24.00 a dozen   Cupcake of the Month is only $ 16.00 a dozen (portion of the proceeds will go to " Finding a Curing for Endometriosis" )

This month we will let you go wild ......YOU GET TO CHOOSE ANY FLAVOUR !!!