We at Katz Imaging Custom Cakes are proud to be the 1st and only Cake shop in Mississauga so far  to offer the " ALL NEW " Square Cupcake ......yes I said Square !!!! They are incredible and unique and of course you get more cupcake goodness !!! 
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Just finished delivering 2 cakes and cupcakes to 4Cats Arts Studio. My self and my daughter are getting ready to head back over to enjoy the day with them .  The studio looks amazing I can not wait to see all the kids doing arts and crafts and of course enjoying my cake .   If you have a chance come by today between 12 -4 to 981 Mill Creek  Drive unit 11 in Mississauga for 4Cats Arts Studio Grand Opening !!!! SEE YOU THERE !!!
Yesterday I had the honor to visit the newest location of 4cats Art Studio Meadowvale  and had  a cake consultation with owner/curator/artist Jody Pollio.  Please visit 4cats Art Studio that works with kids of all ages to bring out the little artist inside, and they have adult classes too.   On May 28 2011 at 12:00pm 4Cats Art Studio Meadowvale will be having their Grand Opening and Katz Imaging Custom Cakes will be providing a custom cake to celebrate this special occasion. Katz Imaging is proud to be part of 4Cats Art Studio Meadowvale vendors. For more information about this studio please visit http://www.4cats.com/StudioHome.aspx?Studio=Meadowvale
I am working on my next project ...A three tier wedding cake with roses for a friend from high school.  I am so excited how they are turning out .... I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER LOVE !!!  SUGAR FLOWERS !!! WOW !!!!! I have done 40 so far another 10 and they colouring tomorrow ...and baking and making fondant .  I love doing what I do !!!
I had the best time yesturday at the cake show it was amazing to see how many people showed up and how incredibly talents my fellow cake friends are I can not wait for the day that I can go to Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Art . Take a look at a few pictures blow and see what I am taking about 


Each Month Katz Imaging Custom Cakes will be offering the Cupcake of the Month.  At a fantastic price that you will not be able to resist ! Each month will be a new flavour for all to enjoy.  Portion of the proceeds from the Cupcake of the Month will go to local charities ( may be different charities each month.  Regular price of standard cupcakes are $ 24.00 per dozen .  
The Cupcake of the Month is only $ 18.00 per dozen Wow right !!! I know you are interested.  Please Contact us to place your order NOW !!!! 


Vanilla Sky - Vanilla cupcake topped with Vanilla Buttercream swirl with sprinkles

Chocolate Hazel Nut Bliss - Chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate hazelnut buttercream swirl with sprinkles

Oreo Dunk - Chocolate Cupcake topped with Oreo cookie Buttercream swirl and a piece of Oreo cookie 

The Cupcake of the Month is only $ 18.00 per dozen
Portion of the proceeds going to 

*** please note that edible imaging or alterations are not allowed on the cupcake of the month they are sold as is per dozen and  there is NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM !!!  So get as many as you like and enjoy !!!

2 days or more notice is required  .   For orders of 5 dozen or more 5 days or more notice is required . 
I am having a great time today working on cakes and cupcakes and a wedding cake for this weekend .   I LOVE CREATING  it always relaxes me and I get in the zone and when I do WATCH OUT  I nail it .   I am loving life !!!! Spending wonderful time with my daughter  .  And exciting news is coming !!!! After Easter I had so many of you request many things and one of the things is to have my own Cake shop other than my house so that you can come and pick things up daily .  I am happy so happy to say it is in the works . : )