" Find a Cure for Endometriosis "

Please help this great cause . I will be raising money from my cupcake sales for the month of August and September .

They still do not know how this disease starts or the cause or why !! All they know what it does to a women's body each month. With every monthly cycle that passes the pain and disease worsens.

This disease is very painful and crippling . Causing infertility and depression and many more side effects.

Pain Killers, Endometriosis diet , numerous extensive operation or giving birth does not always fix and cure Endometriosis . In fact 1 out of 1000 Women will have Endometriosis return by her next cycle . Which leads to a life time of baring this horrible disease .

Please help in finding a cure fast so that these women may have a chance to have a healthy pain-free body again and become mothers.

I will continue to fight this battle personally !!! HOW ABOUT YOU ? !!! Please join me in finding a Cure for Endometriosis !!!

Regular $24.00 a dozen   Cupcake of the Month is only $ 16.00 a dozen (portion of the proceeds will go to " Finding a Curing for Endometriosis" )

This month we will let you go wild ......YOU GET TO CHOOSE ANY FLAVOUR !!!
Katz Imaging Custom Cakes is proud and honor to be part of " You are Beautiful "  hosted by Sensational Weddings and Events Enjoy a day of pampering and celebrating that you are you !!! A beautiful WOWAN !!!! Please come out and enjoy a day of pure relaxation ,  facials, makeovers , photo shoots and so much more and of course Katz Imaging Custom Cakes will be there with cupcakes, brownies , cookies, cake pops for sale and I will be raising money for the Women and children of  Interim Place which is a womens shelter in Mississauga for women whom have been abused by there spouses .  It is a place that will help you rebuild your life and fix a broken heart. So please come out and show your support on Sunday July 24, 2011  from 11:00am-4:30 pm at Maple Banquet Hall 1325 Eglinton Ave E Mississauga, ON L4W 4L9 (905) 206-9333



Each Month Katz Imaging Custom Cakes will be offering the Cupcake of the Month.  At a fantastic price that you will not be able to resist ! Each month will be a new flavour for all to enjoy.  Portion of the proceeds from the Cupcake of the Month will go to local charities ( may be different charities each month.  Regular price of standard cupcakes are $ 24.00 per dozen .  
The Cupcake of the Month is only $ 18.00 per dozen Wow right !!! I know you are interested.  Please Contact us to place your order NOW !!!! 


Vanilla Sky - Vanilla cupcake topped with Vanilla Buttercream swirl with sprinkles

Chocolate Hazel Nut Bliss - Chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate hazelnut buttercream swirl with sprinkles

Oreo Dunk - Chocolate Cupcake topped with Oreo cookie Buttercream swirl and a piece of Oreo cookie 

The Cupcake of the Month is only $ 18.00 per dozen
Portion of the proceeds going to 

*** please note that edible imaging or alterations are not allowed on the cupcake of the month they are sold as is per dozen and  there is NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM !!!  So get as many as you like and enjoy !!!

2 days or more notice is required  .   For orders of 5 dozen or more 5 days or more notice is required .